Review scoring is based on a scale of 0-100 in each category.  The categories have separate weights to the overall % score.  When combined a podcast receives an overall score of 0-100.

Production Values–27%

As podcasting is an audio medium, sound quality is key to keeping your audience happy and engaged.


What you are talking about is important to your audience!  We look for content that matches your podcast and gives your audience information they want.

Entertainment Value–18%

Do you make your audience think? Laugh? Yell? Smile?  If so, you are entertaining and will do well in this category.

Podcast Structure–17%

How long is your podcast?  Should it be consumed in the car, at the gym, or at work?  How is the pacing? Are there separate segments? Am I thrown off during the podcast in between segments?  Intro, Wrap Up?

Release Schedule–10%

How often do you release your podcast?  Is your release schedule reliable?  How long have your been producing shows?


Sometimes…there is just a special quality about a show that we cant categorize…but we like.  This category is for those special somethings…